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Cornering the Market: Numbers and the Human Element

If the Change Often team had a superhero origin story, the secret to our powers would be the Human Element. We are thoroughly doused in this compound, from the moment we open our laptops in the morning all the way to when we plug our smartphones in to charge at night. We are social impact consultants - social is what we do, and we love it.

We love it so much that we are always seeking out more people to collaborate with, more problems to solve, and more ways to listen to our community! As we grow, we prioritize putting a personal touch on every project we work on, infusing it with the Human Element that gives us our power.

In order to maximize the impact of our innovation, though, opportunities emerge to gather more data, and more data about that data, and data about the process of capturing the data about the data* - especially when it comes to the pursuit of more clients. 

*Please know, we love evidence-based work! Just ask our Research and Data Analyst, Natalie! We brought her on the team because we as a firm understand that data is a sophisticated numeric language that communicates complexities for trained eyes like hers - she can find the Human Element in piles of percentages that overwhelm a word-based professional like myself.

But going back to the pursuit of clients, and the allure of analytics. Many, many companies meet their profit margins by promising to boost Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like click-throughs, followers, conversions, or to lower churn, bounce, opt-outs, unsubscribe rates, and other threats. These sophisticated tools can make your website, social media, blog, or email campaign picture-perfect and super efficient! The robots will work for you, and they will not try to take over. Yet.

At Change Often, we frequently say that our bottom line is not dollars made but lives saved - our work is rooted in a commitment to a more just future. We are architects of social solutions, and we do this work by mobilizing other people who care just as much as we do. Wouldn’t, then, utilizing every tool at our disposal to make sure our approach is always ready for use, automated, and accessible at a moment’s notice?

Yes, and no, and also a maybe? We, to the best of our ability, make sure passionate people like you are empowered to make your world better. This means trying out new software and strategies and collecting data so we can be our very best when we have custody of your precious time.

At the same time, our power comes from the Human Element - and we haven’t seen that as an integration for any software to date. At the end of the day, it is you who carries with you the key to the changes you want to see. Sacrificing the Human Element to the god of efficiency sounds more like a villain origin story in our book, and that just doesn’t work for us.

That delicate balance of optimization and personalization is our quest, and we as a firm work tirelessly to remove the barriers between you and the future you want to create.